Acrylic herb grinders offer great value for your money, as they are affordable, and easy to clean and maintain. They come in all sorts of wonderful colors, shapes and sizes. From dices to pool balls, we got you covered. Acrylic Herbs Grinders


Acrylic herb grinders are often equipped with a magnetized lid to keep your precious herbs from falling out. At Grasscity we have a selection that ranges from simple 2-part grinders to 3 or even 4-part grinders with stash compartments to keep everything safely together in one place.


So if you are looking for an affordable that will shred your herb mix or tobacco into the perfect consistency, make sure you check out this section.

Similar in design to the Space Case Grinder/sifter, this new acrylic grinder has a convenient area to temporarily store your herb too.

Two-stage filter removes only the most finely ground herb, leaving coarsely shredded leaves in the container.

Combines the perfect materials (stainless steel and ‘diamatuff’ polycarbonate) for optimum performance, results and durability. Complete with two storage compartments.

Acrylic grinders are the most abundant types of herbal grinders due to its affordability along with being easily disposable. Generally grinders on the lower end will be made from plastic or acrylic. Not only are they easily molded but the material costs less to make.

Grinders make life easier for the everyday smoker. Being able to grind down your herbs to get a consistent smoke or vapor is very important. Instead of using your fingers to break it down then having to worry about sticky dirty fingers, simply use a grinder. Acrylic Herbs Grinders


Plastic Grinders vs Other Materials

Although acrylic grinders don’t cost much, the quality of them is usually very good. They will cut and dice your herbs into small powder if the consistency of the herb is right.

Plastic grinders don’t come in more than 2 pieces. This is simply because people buy them for the affordability. are the priciest but they do come with additional features.

Whether you’re looking for one or acrylic grinders for wholesale, SmokeTokes has it all!

Grinders made from acrylic are generally long lasting and come in a transparent thermoplastic material. It makes it very light unlike grinders from other materials. Acrylic Herbs Grinders

How Acrylic Grinders Work?

Using the acrylic or plastic grinder is the same as any other type. Simply take your herbs and put it on one of the two pieces. Press the two pieces together. Twist and turn the two pieces in opposite directions. Keep going back and forth to make sure you get a good solid grind. Acrylic Herbs Grinders

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