Manual weed grinders are a dime a dozen. Some of them are pretty crappy,  and all of them require you to physically move your wrists and hands in a twisting fashion to activate the blades. Human error worms its way into the process. And for some, that dexterity just isn’t possible. The electric weed grinder category is more niche, and it isn’t exactly abounding with options (unless you want to sacrifice your coffee grinder or actual herb grinder to the cause, and get it sticky with resin in the process). But it leaves less room for mishap and can be easier to use. Besides, the weed itself will grind more uniformly. Electric Herbs Grinders

There are three crucial features to keep in mind when looking for a good electric grinder: its energy source, its storage capacity, and its shape. Below, you’ll find six grinders that are all great, but that are also all tailored to a slightly different need. Pens are more subtle, rechargeable batteries ensure longevity, more expensive grinders have smarter blades, larger storage chambers keep you supplied for more sessions, and so on. But once you pick one, smoking,or otherwise ingesting weed becomes all the more enjoyable.

On a final note: Always keep in mind from whom you purchase your weed, as it really does tribute to the minority communities unfairly targeted by the war on drugs and then left out of the cannabis boom. Buy where it counts.

Automatic Herbal Grinder, Professional Factory Design

Design inspiration: Electric Herbs Grinders

  • Our previous grinders, customers say have the defects of not working, we have improved the switch operation buttons, using a larger conductive contact surface to ensure power-on work. Electric Herbs Grinders
  1. We simulated experiments with a variety of seasonings, spices, herbs for grinding and contrast, designed a two-leaf blade structure, which can be ground more delicate, and even ground into powder.
  2. We use different sizes of cups for grinding experiments, and finally get the recommended cup size of the customer. Thanks to the customers who advise us on our design, you are great !
  3. Other customers want to grind for a longer time. We have designed two types of battery use solutions to satisfy most customers who purchase 3 AAA batteries at retail stores. At the same time, they can also use large-capacity 18650 rechargeable batteries ( 3.6-4.5V ), It takes longer to grind.
  4. Small size, You can use it at any time in the office, home, outdoor, travel, party, Package have a cleaning brush, lanyard and operating instructions for your box.
  5. Please do not large and hard material for grinding, Keep out of reach 

If you have any ideas, please contact or mail us at any time. Once your suggestions are confirmed, we will adopt the updated design and we look forward to your suggestions. Electric Herbs Grinders

You can also choose the grinder time you need to achieve the desired texture.

  1. Break off sharp herbal roots and cut up into small pieces.
  2. Place herbs into the cup, ensuring that you don’t fill more that 50% of the cup, Please do not put hard or large stems in.
  3. Screw the cup onto the body of the machine ensuring it is locked in securely.
  4. Once assembled securely, flip the power switch on. Slowly move in an upright position and shake. 
  5. Continue action until desired texture has been achieved.
  6. Keep out of reach of children.
  7. Please do not remove the blade, Sharp blades can cause serious injury. Please do not operate the grinding without a fastened cup.
  8. Clean the blade with cloth and methyl alcohol to prevent rust.
  9. Do not unscrew the cup before removing the battery,Don’t unscrew the cup when working. Electric Herbs Grinders


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