Metal herb grinders are mostly made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, which makes them the toughest and most durable available on the market today. Often equipped with diamond-shaped or shark-shaped teeth, these metal herb grinders will gnash through your bud with great ease. Metal Herbs Grinders

The lids are mostly magnetized for a secure fit and equipped with nylon friction rings, which will ensure smooth, wear-free grinding.

Our selection of metal grinders

At Grasscity we offer a broad selection of metal herb grinders, ranging from simple 2-part grinders to staggering 4-part grinders that include built-in pollen screens and kief catchers for collection of that precious kief to make sure nothing goes to waste.

Our colorful collection will definitely include the that fits all your personal preferences and needs, so make sure to check it out!

FAQ Metal herb grinders

How do you clean a metal herb grinder?

For a complete clean use isopropyl alcohol for each piece. Place each piece in a bag that can close, and fill the bag with the alcohol. Let the pieces soak. Only soak until the liquid has a brown color and the pieces seem clean. Metal Herbs Grinders

Is my metal herb grinder shipped discreetly?

Your privacy is important to us. We guarantee to keep your information safe and secure. All shipments are anonymous.

  • Excellent dry herb grinder, grinds smoothly – perfect platinum grinders crusher for grinding all of your dry herbs leaf /spicy. heavy duty and high capacity makes grinding a breeze! the magnetic 4 piece grinders and metal 3 chambers grinder makes sure you don’t loose a sprinkle of your fine herb Metal Herbs Grinders
  • Razor-sharp metal teeth, grind quickly – this platinum grinder built from solid and durable zinc alloy metal. the leaf grinder sharp teeth ensure you a smooth twist & efficient grinding
  • High-quality mesh screen filters, getting finer power – this platinum grinders dry herb grinder with pollen scraper are made of strong and high quality materials that guarantee optimal performance and durability Metal Herbs Grinders
  • Ultra strong lid magnet, less waste – the magnet in the top of this grinder holds strong, the magnetized lid helps considerably to reduce spilling. unlike other leaf grinder the lid falls off easily while operating. this dry herb grinder with strong magnets holds the lid firmly in place. this grinder crusher is easy to twist and won’t make annoying metallic sound
  • Perfect size very portable cute travel grinder – 2.05″ diameter x 1.57″ height . the metal platinum grinder fits in your pocket, comes with a pollen scraper, very convenient, great crusher grinders for girls. if you think you will have regrets after purchasing this product, fear not because this is absolutely the best grinder you can buy Metal Herbs Grinders

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