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A smoker is nowhere without a good, solid grinder! They help you grind your dry herbs into the perfect consistency, allowing you to easily dose and spread your herbs into your smoking device. At Grasscity we offer a lot of different grinders. Check out our great collection of Wooden herbs Grinders

Wooden herb grinders

If you’re looking for a more simplistic grinder, you can consider buying a wooden grinder. Most of the time the wooden grinder is a two-piece design with steel pins. The wooden grinders are very effective and straightforward to use. If you want to go for a durable and non-complicated grinder, our beautiful wooden grinders will definitely tick all your boxes.  Wooden herbs Grinders

Benefits of using a grinder

The grinder is an amazing tool, which every smoker needs. Of course, the overall benefit of using a grinder is that it makes things so much easier. The grinder helps you to easily shred your herbs into the perfect consistency and allows you to place it into your favorite smoking device or your roll-up in a matter of seconds. The wooden grinders are doing just what they need to do; make sure even the tightest buds are shredded perfectly for use.  Wooden herbs Grinders

FAQ about wooden grinders

What kind of grinder do I need?

When choosing your grinder it’s important to think about your preferences. Our wooden grinders are mostly 2-part grinders, which is the most basic grinder set-up. If you just want your herbs to be shredded and easy to dose, a 2-part grinder will be sufficient for you. Also, the appearance of our wooden grinders is very simple, yet elegant. If you’re looking for a grinder with more abilities, check out our other . We have enough grinders to fulfill everyone’s needs.  Wooden herbs Grinders

How do I clean my wooden grinder?

When you are using your wooden grinder on a daily basis, it’s important to keep it clean. The first step you can take to clean your wooden grinder is to brush it with a small paintbrush or a toothbrush. This makes the largest dirt go away. If you want to clean your wooden grinder thoroughly, you can put the parts in soapy water. Let the parts soak until they are dirt-free. Then, rinse off your wooden grinder parts with clean water and let them dry. After that, your wooden grinder is ready to grind herbs again! Wooden herbs Grinders

If you need a little bump and grind, this Wooden Herb Grinder will delight. Designed for all your twisting and shaking needs; simply insert your herbs into the grinder, twist away and be happy in the knowledge that you’re grinding with the best! This beautifully crafted grinder is available in three different sizes, including the enormous super-size version! See the dropdown menu to select size Wooden herbs Grinders

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