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Source Orb 4 Wax


The Source Orb 4 Vaporizer – Premium Kit is the latest version of one of Source Vapes’ best-selling wax pen vaporizers. As always, Source is leading the way in wax vape pen innovation, and the newly released Source Orb 4 is without a doubt one of the most powerful, versatile and practical wax pens available today. Some updates you’ll see on the Orb 4 include new advanced atomizers, magnetic locking technology, stainless steel 303 construction, a new variable airflow system (VAS), as well as 8 variable voltage/temperature settings.


Source orb 4 Wax attachment is made of 303 stainless steel and it looks and feels fantastic. It has a magnetic connection for the two pieces, not screw threads like older models, and it was done very well. The two parts fit together snugly and securely and it’s a breeze to open and close it multiple times during your session.

You can find the best temperature for your preferred vaping style and wax concentrates, then adjust the airflow for whatever size clouds you want. The Source Orb Wax is ideal for dab enthusiasts who want a variety of vapor profiles while still enjoying a portable vaping experience. With a menu of atomizers to choose from, and a suite of advanced features, Source Orb 4 – Premium Kit is the ultimate wax pen.

Source Orb also has an adjustable airflow ring that can let a lot of air in if you want it to, it’ll literally feel like nothing’s there when you breath in. Personally, I think there can actually be too much air flow with more than one of the air holes open, and there’s five of them.

I like to use it with just half of one air hole exposed (only open a tiny bit), which gives you a very free-flowing but also very natural feeling draw. The extra air holes aren’t really a bad thing, because I’d much rather have that than have it be hard to pull from.

Now they give you 4 different atomizers with this kit and they’re all very good in their own unique way. On one hand they all get the job done and the effects are pretty much the same, but on the other there’s definitely subtle differences between them that can influence your experience a little bit.

* USA Tested
* 510 Threaded
* Lifetime Warranty
* 6 Advanced Atomizers
* Variable Airflow System
* USA Tested Titanium Coils
* Magnetic Lock Technology
* Stainless Steel 303 Construction
* Variable Voltage/Temperature Battery
* Compatible w/ Orb 3 and Source Nail Atomizers


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